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    Fiesta Online Level Guide

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    Fiesta Online Level Guide

    Erfahre, wie du deinen Fiesta Online Charakter weiter spezialisieren kannst. Mit Level 20, 60 und werden dir spezielle Klassenwechsel-Quests angeboten. Fiesta Online - Charakter-Guide: Tipps zum Leveln, Leveln leicht gemacht, Für den Anfang sollte man bis lvl 5 die Mobs killen, die man in den Quests braucht. Neue Patches mindern Macken und bringen neue Aufgaben und Gebiete mit sich. Genre: MMORPG; Plattformen: Online; Publisher: Gamigo; Release: ​


    Erfahre, wie du deinen Fiesta Online Charakter weiter spezialisieren kannst. Mit Level 20, 60 und werden dir spezielle Klassenwechsel-Quests angeboten. Hier noch ein kleiner Tip: Die Quests für das Drachengrab kann man annehmen aber bis lvl 95 aufheben und sich so einiges an Alraunen sparen. Level 79 - Level 94 - 95 Alraunen. Ort: Sumpf der Dämmerung. Vorquest: /. WDH: gesetzloser im Sumpf! Wer keine Lust hat zwei Lvl Alrauen zu machen, kann auch auf.

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    [Fiesta Online Guide] Pt. 1: Level 1-10 \

    These are unique adventures for as many as 15 players which is a fun way to adventure with your friends, fight tough monsters, and gain experience.

    See the Kingdom Quest Guide for more information. You will probably need a party to take them all on at once, or try it at higher level.

    Attack one of them and they all come after you! Storage Keeper Raina offers you a way to store items in your own secure bank. Once you place items and money there, they will be available to all your other characters on that server!

    At level 7 you get even more quests and new skills to buy! Item Merchant Pey wants you to go kill 10 Crabs and collect 20 Claws, while Town Chief Roumenus wants you to investigate the disappearance of the villagers.

    To investigate, head over to Sand Beach, find Echo Cave right in the middle of the zone on the edge of the beach , and kill a Rookie Skeleton.

    These can be found in Forest of Tides in the woods and along the beach. They may be a little tough for you at level 8.

    Finally, Robin wants you to kill 20 Speedy Honeyings, which can be found on the beach in a new zone called Sand Beach. You can get to this zone by taking the second gate outside of Roumen at the end of the forest or take the gate in the Forest of Tides along the ocean.

    Want to change how you look? Talk to Vietree in Roumen by the horse , if you have a beauty shop ticket bought in the Fiesta Store , you can change your hair style, hair color, and even choose a new face!

    You will be able to leave a comment after signing in. Recommended Posts. Shiver Posted May 29, edited. Much faster than riding back and forth.

    Save all your other quests. Still try to use KKP to your advantage. Do a few quests, but clump them together again.

    Pick a map, and do all those. Continue til you level. Same as 72, but you might be getting bored of KKP now, huh?

    Well, Trumpy Remains, the lv 70 dungeon, is wonderful for exp if you can get a party. You can do the Dungeon quest now if you like, its best to do it in those big parties.

    This is possibly one of THE hardest levels. Do all your quests, and try to hit 75 asap. Things get easier since you can use T4 scrolls, but not by much.

    Fighters will want to solo in TR. All other classes will want to party up. Do all your quests, maybe kkp if you get bored, but stick to TR.

    Its your best bet through this level. You made it to repeat-quest-central. You have two repeats. Most people will do the Monster Collector because Incubus hit Mdef, and it can hurt quite a lot.

    So spam out Monster Collector. There is one quest you will actually want to do now, or youll miss out on its last part: Soldier of Destroy 3.

    Do this, and pick up the 4th part. Save the 4th part, and all other quests. Still spam that Monster Collector quest.

    Pick up the second part and keep it. Keep all other quests. Spam Slay the Fire Nixes, which tells you to kill fire nix. You: I defeated 1 Giant Magmatons.

    They won't be bothering you or Enri for a while. Storage Keeper Franz: Thanks again for your help.

    Maxuter, the leader of Burning Rock, says there is a monster he personally hates. He asks you to defeat the monster because it is strong Help Maxuter with his problem.

    Search Burnning Rock for Giant Magmaton. Merchant Master Maxuter: I would feel much better if only I could defeat it You: Maxuter, how about moving the Merchants to a different place?

    This place is full of trouble and there is not much business Merchant Master Maxuter: Well I have been thinking about it, but I am a man and I have chosen this place.

    I can't give up no matter what. You: I understand that Merchant Master Maxuter: Ha ha! They are always exhausted, but they do their jobs right.

    I guess it's right that good leader gathers good workers. Merchant Master Maxuter: I'm flattered. Anyways, you are very good at uplifting the environment.

    You: I Merchant Master Maxuter: Oh, enough with the jokes Let's get to business. There is a monster named Giant Magmaton. I hate that one and I wanted to ask you to get rid of it.

    It hasn't caused any trouble for us, but I just hate it. Merchant Master Maxuter: Good So the Merchants You are back!

    You: I have defeated the monster you hate, Maxuter I'm tired Merchant Master Maxuter: Well done. This reward will cheer you up.

    Ha ha, good job! Alberstol Chief Kiera of Alberstol Ruins, has prepared a new quest and reward for adventurers.

    What is this quest which is available only once a day? Search Flaming Mine. You are here! We just got something in for you. You: Is it something important?

    Alberstol Chief Kiera: Well But, it depends on what you want. You: What I want? Alberstol Chief Kiera: Something like to be strong or to be rich You: Absolutely Alberstol Chief Kiera: Fine.

    Then you should complete this mission I'm about to give to you. You: Ok. No problem. Alberstol Chief Kiera: It looks like you have completed the task.

    I will reward you as I promised. Just pick one! Alberstol Chief Kiera: I hope it will give you some slight help for you.

    He's worried because he was supposed to deliver the stolen mineral to Pie at Swamp of Dawn. Go and talk to him.

    Pie: unknown. Pie investigates monsters with the wondrous mineral. Go and talk to her. You: unknown Pie: unknown. Pie has abundance of the hides in leftover so she no longer needs Lava Gargoyle.

    She wants them killed. Pie: unknown You: unknown Pie: unknown You: unknown Pie: unknown. Pie wants to analyze the hides of the Caiman Juniors from Swamp of Dawn.

    Pie wants to investigate Caiman Hide from Swamp of Dawn. Pie: unknown You: unknown. Pie discovered something special about Caiman. She wants to investigate the Dungeon Caiman at Tear's Marsh.

    Ruby is asking for 30 Mad Slug's eggs. Pie: You are short on needed Quest Items. Pie: Anyways, I have been to the Temple of Spirit lately.

    Have you visited that place yet? You: Yes I have. It was filled with various odd monsters. Pie: It sure was.

    There, I found a couple of odd, deformed monsters as well. Have you seen Mad Slugs? The slug with the body of a star fish.

    Pie: Mad slugs, Yes I did. I haven't really dealt with them before though. It was bit on the gross side. You: Yes it is.

    One thing that bothers me is that it had a body of a sea creature instead of snail related creatures. It almost feels as if it was fused with two different species.

    I'm sure it means that these monsters are of the ancient creatures. I need to find more about them. I was wondering if you could retrieve about 30 of the Mad Slug's eggs.

    Pie: Here you go. Be careful with it, it's a bit slimy. Pie: It is quite slimy Marty from Elderine is fascinated with the monsters called Rhinoce recently discovered at the Swamp of Dawn.

    You must retrieve 1 Rhinoce hide. You: Hello, Marty. How have you been? Warrior Master Marty: You been keeping youself busy?

    Warrior Master Marty: Hey, you know about the monster called Rhinoce? They are single horned beasts with very thick armor-like skin. It would make great armor, can you get me one of their hides for a prototype?

    You: Marty! I got you that hide you wanted. Man these are tough. Warrior Master Marty: Nice! Thank you so much! Elderine lord Elbama is in need of Rhino's horn.

    You need to deliver 30 Rhino's horns. You: Have you summoned me? You: Well many events have been occurring. How may I be in service this time my lord?

    Lord Elbama: I am in need of your incredible strength again. I have heard that there isn't anything stronger then Rhino's horn.

    I believe it'll make a perfect lance. Could you bring me 30 Rhino's horn? I will of course, award you well. You: I've got the horn.

    Lord Elbama: Thank you. Observes the horn very carefully Here's your reward. Robin from Roumen has been asking for you. Robin is asking you for a Caiman's Egg.

    Let's try to get him 5 Caiman's Eggs. Grandpa Robin: Hey! What took you so long? You: What was so urgent!? I ran all the way over here! Grandpa Robin: Eggs!

    I need eggs! You: Well, go get them then. You are senile. I want Caiman's eggs! I gotta have them! You: Here you go old man.

    You're good now right?! I didn't ask you to get that did I? Sure, I'll take them, what? You only brought five of them? According to Wishis from Elderine, some monsters from the Swamp of Dawn have special powers hidden within their blood.

    She also adds that it is the key to complete 'Blood Magic'. You must retreive Caiman's blood. Enchanter Master Wishis: Blood magic is a forbidden magic, but that was before the Swamp of Dawn was discovered.

    You: Blood magic? It was once forbidden? Enchanter Master Wishis: It sure was Blood magic harnesses power from blood of magical beasts.

    It is a very cruel magic, but because of its power, everyone yearned for it. Large quantities of monster's blood and elve's blood are needed.

    You: Elves blood! Enchanter Master Wishis: Yes, that is why it is forbidden. However, monsters from the Swamp of Dawn harness powerful magic within their blood.

    I believe with their blood alone, I can complete 'Blood Magic'. However, please keep it a secret from others.

    You: Wishis, I have acquired the blood. Enchanter Master Wishis: Were you followed? Thank you. Stone Merchant Thompson says that the whole caravan is suffering from the recession, but the Cursed Knight Armor seems to be selling well.

    Repeatable Quest Search Flaming Mine. It will help solve some of our problems at hand. Stone Merchant Thompson: You've done well.

    But this will only get us through this pinch. There's no way to know how long this recession will last. Just in case, could you bring 15 more Cursed Knight Armor.

    The survival of the Maxuter caravan is in your hands. Royden in Swamp of Dawn says that he can go back home when the swamp is free of monsters and asks you to defeat certain monsters.

    Help him defeat the monsters. Search Swamp of Dawn for Lava Gargoyle. Scared adventurer Royden: Oh When could I go back to my home, sweet home?

    You: I would just stand up and go home. Scared adventurer Royden: Are you kidding me? You say that because you are a good fighter You: I guess you are right.

    When are you planning to go home? You can't stay here for the rest of your life. I am so scared You: I will help you as much as can. Scared adventurer Royden: Well You need to get rid of this monster first.

    You: What is it? Scared adventurer Royden: It's Lava Gargoyle. It comes out to patrol from time to time, so I can't even sleep well at night Scared adventurer Royden: Can I sleep safely at night, now?

    You: Yes, you can Scared adventurer Royden: Oh, I'm glad. I should dream about going back home! Scared adventurer Royden: Arrr! I thought is was an alligator Scared adventurer Royden: Shivering The monster attacked me.

    You: You should go inside I would suffer from the nightmare every night and take drastic measures You: What do you want me to do?

    Scared adventurer Royden: When all of the monsters go away, I would feel safe to go home. I can't leave before that.

    You: What is with this guy Scared adventurer Royden: Please go out and defeat Caiman Junior. While you are at it, please bring back Caiman Junior's Fang.

    It won't be able to attack me without its fang. Scared adventurer Royden: Did you make it incapable of attacking? You: Well I can't do that. I can't call each one of them and tell them not to attack Royden Scared adventurer Royden: I I guess taking its fang is enough..

    Royden in Swamp of Dawn says that it is its dream to have a fragment of a monster called Rock Stone.

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    Fiesta Online Level Guide 3/29/ · Finally, you reach level 60 in Fiesta online. You want to go on leveling up. This is a Fiesta online leveling guide for levels If you are interested in that, read the following information: By the way, this guide is made by RikoRain. So credit go to RikoRain. Level Spam Spider. Do a few quests if you want, but save the majority of them. _____ / Guide Information \_____ Fiesta Online Enhancement Guide Written by John Edwards (KyoraStryker) [Contact info provided at bottom] Version [Final] Original File Date: 29 November Last Updated: 25 January _____ / Introduction \_____ Fiesta Online is a massive multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG, for those that aren't online gaming-savvy), in which you. 6/17/ · Last updated: Dec 17, Level 91 Exp Required: Exp Available: (66%) Min Lvl Max Lvl Exp. Generell Pistazienmark jedoch, spar dir möglichst viele Quests für lvl auf, damit du möglichst wenig grinden musst! Ende: Schmied James. Jul Sport Wette, New quests Lotto Hessen App levels added, increase in EXP available: [92] , See all new quests for levels here. It was bit on the gross side. You: Oh So spam out Monster Collector. Cleo: Thank you so much. You: Deikid, what's going Poker Bet It would make great armor, can you get me one of their hides for a prototype? Remember Me? Turn them Www Facebook BejelentkezГ©s in. Pie: It is quite 2048 High Score Why do you sound so serious Scared adventurer Royden: Please go out and defeat Caiman Junior. I wanted to do it all by myself
    Fiesta Online Level Guide
    Fiesta Online Level Guide Core Offline. Drops: Level 25 Winward Casino Login Weapons 3x Abyss. Oct 31, Rewards for lvl. 1 ab Level 71 2 ab Level 72 3 ab Level 73 4 ab Level 74 5 ab Level 75 6 ab Level 76 7 ab Level 1 Fiesta Online Wiki; 2 Jäger Guide; 3 Ernten und Abbauen. 1 ab Level 2 ab Level 3 ab Level 4 ab Level 5 ab Level 6 ab Level 7 1 Fiesta Online Wiki; 2 Jäger Guide; 3 Ernten und Abbauen. Fiesta Online - Charakter-Guide: Tipps zum Leveln, Leveln leicht gemacht, Für den Anfang sollte man bis lvl 5 die Mobs killen, die man in den Quests braucht. Neue Patches mindern Macken und bringen neue Aufgaben und Gebiete mit sich. Genre: MMORPG; Plattformen: Online; Publisher: Gamigo; Release: ​

    Jack Sparrow Wiki einem Casino Jack Sparrow Wiki Einzahlung machen? - Leveln leicht gemacht

    Mit lvl 40er Priestern ist das 50er Abyss kein Problem mehr. Item Level 1 items are guaranteed not to break up to +5. Item Level 2 and 3 items won't break up to +4. Item Level 4 and 5 items won't break up to +3. Accessories of any Item Level won't break up to +3. A key aspect of success is the level and type of stones you are using to enhance with [see enhancement stones section for the odds of success]. Fiesta Online:Leveling Guide () Levels Once you hit level 5, do a Slime KQ. Youll instantly be about lvl 7 or 8, maybe even 9. From there, get all your quests, and do as many as fast as you can. Bundle em up - In other words, go out, do quests, then turn em in at once. Levels New quests for level added. Apr 23, New quests for levels added. Apr 4, New quests for level 50 added. Mar 28, Fixed lvl quest chain starting with "Why are you so angry" + lvl "Iyzel, Beginning of Chaos" is back. Mar 7, New quests for level 40 added. Fame is removed from all repeatable quests. Drops: Level 35 Armor Set*, Level 35 Zombie King's Undead Ring, Level 30 Zombie King Weapons Respawn Time: 10 Minutes Concealed Peak Location: Goblin Camp Level Limit: Boss: Giant Goblin King Drops: Level 35 Armor Set*, Level 55 Armor Set *, Level 45 Giant Goblin King Ring, Level 40 Giant Goblin King Weapons Respawn Time: 10 Minutes Bonds of Darkness. Welcome to the FiestaWiki, a database dedicated solely to Fiesta. If you are having trouble editing, please consult the User's Guide or these tips for information on using the Wiki software. Editing help specific to FiestaWiki is also available. For testing the Wiki software, please use the Sandbox, as it is there for experimentation.

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    Here are new, untranslated and not Fruchtlutscher released quests for levels and
    Fiesta Online Level Guide


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